Listening to the Call of your Heart

We have all been there. We have all experienced feelings of being overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted in our day to day. Feeling at once that our daily lives are too much and not enough. Going through the routines of work, school, meals, responsibilities. Wondering how we can bring back the spark of joy and excitement in our lives. Adding yoga, mediation, spiritual practices to our routine just to have more things to check off our list. Receiving a little relief from these practices but not quite feeling awake, completely conscious of our lives. We have all been in that place when we don’t feel fully available to receive and interact with the world around us from an authentic nourished place.

Whether you are coming with physical, emotional, or energetic challenges. The Sacred Self Retreat is here for you. For you to walk deeper into the illuminated path of your own awakening. We are all journeying to ourselves, to reawaken to ourselves as love.

What you will receive

  • Self knowledge through Astrology and Human Design
  • Time to connect in deeper intimacy with self, others, and your environment
  • Space to speak from your authentic truth
  • Deeper connection with your own ancestors and lineage
  • Excursion to the Amazon Jungle
  • Treks through the Sacred Andean mountains
  • Full night enjoying Amazonian Hot Springs
  • Love
  • Organic nourishing vegan food
  • The opportunity to relax, restore, rejuvenate
  • Freedom from your phone